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4 Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Kids


A Little Photo Taking Advice From a Photographer Mom with 4 Crazy Kids!

Can I let you in on a little secret? Taking great pictures of your own kids is hard...even for photographers! Hi, I'm Raine. I am a photographer in Central Mass that specializes in newborn and family photography. When I pull out my camera I don't aim to capture people, I aim to capture emotion and stories. And while I love taking photos of my own kids, I can tell you it ain't easy!

Over the 4th of July I set out to get some cute pictures of my kiddos hanging outside and bottle up some of this sweet summer goodness. Three kids under 6 full of soda and s'mores, reeling with anticipation of fireworks and the results? See for yourself :) But how you ask? Scroll down to get my tips and tricks to taking better pictures of your kids!


Why is it so hard to take good pictures of my kids?

Newborns are especially hard for new moms to photograph because your baby is like a heat seeking missile that can hear, sense, and smell their Mama from a mile away. If you are like most parents you probably have about a bazillion photos of your kids on your phone. They are quick to pause and give you that “cheese” smile anytime you pull your phone out, but the result is usually your standard “cheese” photo. So without further ado, I give you 4 simple tips and tricks to take better photos of your kiddos!


So how can I get better photos of my kids?


My #4 Tip: Try a Different Angle! I bet if you scroll thru your camera roll you have a lot of photos of your kids that are straight on looking down at them. Get a little variety by standing to side of them for a profile shot, or kneel down and get a shot from their level. You may be surprised how much more they interact with you when you get on their level.

My #3 Tip: Don't Bribe 'Em! Now don't get me wrong, my parenting style is at least 70% bribery! But when it comes to taking photos with authentic and genuine emotion, bribery isn't always the way to go. Bribing often results in overly enthusiastic or contemplative facial expressions and can distract kids from whatever cuteness they were already up to. Instead try complimenting them! Tell them what a great job they are doing or how super-hero like they look when they stand a certain way.

My #2 Tip: Watch Out for Aliens! Snag a quick double-take of the background. The flowers your kids are standing in front of will make a great background, but you don't want to ruin a cute photo by giving your kid sunflower antennas. Scan around their heads to be sure it doesn't look like a tree, flower, or pole is growing out of their head before you take the shot.

My #1 Tip: Hire A Photographer! I know, I know...shameless plug. But really, hire a photographer! All of those photos you have of your kids on your phone and on your computer are amazing, they really are, but they are also for you and not so much them. In 20 years our kids are going to get a real kick out of seeing 300 photos of themselves at the aquarium, but what they are going to truly cherish are the photos of themselves with their Moms! And their siblings, and their Dads, and their grandparents. And the best time to do get portraits done is right now. Whatever chapter of your story you are writing right perfect!


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